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WILD KRATTS – LIVE! is based on the #1 rated (Ages 2-8, Nielsen July 2020) PBS  television series Wild Kratts.  The live prodcution has sold over 681,000 tickets across the US and Canada. 
In Wild Kratts - Live  2.0 – Activate Creature Power! Martin and Chris Kratt, stars of the Emmy-nominated Wild Kratts, step out LIVE ON STAGE, to engage the audience in a classic Wild Kratts story. 

The adventure begins when Martin somehow manages to lose all of his and Chris’ creature power discs, along with a few of their other favorite things. While they are trying to figure out the best way to find everything, the brothers come to realize that the only way to do this is to…miniaturize! The show follows the brothers as they learn how to navigate a world where everything is ten times their size. As the brothers are trying to figure out how to find all of their lost items, Zach gets wind of what has happened and sends his mini Zachbots off to find the missing items before the brothers do! To keep the animals of the creature world safe, Chris and Martin get some much needed help from Aviva, Koki, and Jimmy, who come to us from the Tortuga through the magic of animation. They experience some hilarious challenges and activate some new creature powers to help them get everything before Zach does! It’s a race to the finish – who will find these lost items first?


Chris Kratt and Martin Kratt, are zoologists by training who have built a family entertainment brand based on their enthusiasm for animals and their wild popularity with family audiences. Since founding their production company Kratt Bros. Co. in 1993, they have created and executive produced over 200 episodes of 4 successful television series: Kratts' Creatures, Zoboomafoo with the Kratt Brothers, Kratt Brothers: Be The Creature and twice Emmy Award nominated, Wild Kratts. They star in these programs, playing themselves, and also perform as directors, scriptwriters, authors, and wildlife cinematographers - ever in the pursuit of "creature adventure". Martin Kratt is a graduate of Duke University, with a Bachelor of Science in Zoology. He was awarded a Jenrette Fellowship to the University of North Carolina/Chapel Hill MBA program. Chris Kratt holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Carleton College and is a Richter Fellow and Watson Fellow.

The first television series the duo created was Kratts' Creatures. It aired in 1996 for school- aged kids on PBS and has since premiered in over 34 countries and won many awards including back-to-back Best Children's Film at the Jackson Wildlife Film Festival and the Parents Choice Gold Award. Chris and Martin starred in all 50 episodes and wrote 6 books published by Scholastic.

Chris and Martin then created the Emmy Award-winning Zoboomafoo, which premiered in 1999 and continues to air on PBS, PBS Kids/Sprout and around the world. They starred in and executive-produced 65 episodes, some of which they directed. The brothers also wrote 22 episodes between them and co-wrote the songs for the series, including "The Zoboomafoo Theme" and "The Animal Friend Song".

The Kratt Brothers produced two seasons of their primetime series for families, Kratt Brothers: Be the Creature, which premiered October 2003 on the National Geographic Channel. This program carries the trademark of all Kratt Brothers' initiatives: the infusion of wildlife and entertainment. Real-life "creature adventurers" Chris and Martin travel to remote regions to live with wild animals - on the creatures' turf and by their rules. Chris and Martin have written and directed 26 one-hour episodes of this series as well as functioning as wildlife cameramen and executive producers.

Wild Kratts features the brothers on incredible expeditions to meet wild creatures from the far corners of the earth. Diving into the habitats of these unusual animals with the use of futuristic technology and creature Power Suits that allow the brothers to take their funny and exciting adventures to where they've never gone before. Wild Kratts won a 2013 Kidscreen Award for Best Companion Website: Kids, as well as a Daytime Emmy nomination for Best Writing in a Children's Series.

Major corporations have seen the value in the Kratt Brothers brand. The Kratt Brothers Co. has joined forces with a number of corporate partners including Gap, Old Navy, Stonyfield Yogurt, Target Stores, and Dawn (P&G). The Kratt Brothers 2000 national zoo tour, sponsored by Old Navy and the Gap Foundation, raised one million dollars for the creation of a wildlife refuge for grizzly bears, which is administered by the Kratt Brothers Creature Hero Society.

Chris and Martin Kratt have made efforts to parlay their celebrity to benefit wildlife conservation by founding their not-for-profit foundation mentioned above; and by acting as spokespeople for International Year of the Coral Reef and Dawn Save a Ducks Program. Also in 1998, Secretary of State Bruce Babbitt appointed Chris and Martin as spokespeople for the Interior Department's Frog Force commission.


  • Wild Kratts continues to maintain a 98 percent carriage in US households
  • Season 7  is now in production
  • #1 ranking for children ages 2-8 (Nielsen - July 2020)
  •  43 million viddeo on demand streams (Nielsen - July 2020)
  • 793,000 unique visits to Wild Kratts site on pbskids.org (Nielsen - July 2020)
  • Wild Kratts LIVE! – 100% show sellouts with an average of 2,000-4,000 tickets per venue
  • TV History: “Kratts Creatures” (1996), “Zooboomafoo” (1999), “Kratt Brothers: Be The Creature” (2003), “Wild Kratts” (2011-Present) on PBS stations - 118 episodes
  • Over 120,000 Facebook Likes
  • Extensive consumer product lines - Wicked Cool Toys, Random House, Whole Foods, Topix Media Lab, Isaac Morris,AME, Doodle Pants and more
  • Daytime Emmy Award nominations for Best Writing in a Children’s Series


Seen daily on PBS Kids, Wild Kratts features the brothers on incredible expeditions to meet wild creatures from the far corners of the earth. Diving into the habitats of these unusual animals with the use of futuristic technology and Creature Power Suits that allow the brothers to take their funny and exciting adventures to where they’ve never gone before. The basic plot of the series is usually to save the animals from various situations, be it villains, general human influence, or confusion on a baby animal's part. Many episodes utilize interaction with “villain” characters to exemplify an animal situation, other episodes focus on real world problems,either directly (as seen in "Stuck On Sharks" where Gourmand captured a shark for making shark fin soup) or indirectly through allegory ("Build It Beaver" had the beaver's dam destroyed repeatedly through various means; an allegory for deforestation). Still, some episodes’ objective is to change the way a creature is often perceived; creatures such as bats and crocodiles that are usually considered frightening are presented in their own habitat and their true nature is explored. Along the way, viewers learn about the animals and their lives, as the Kratt brothers and the Wild Kratts gang (including the Kratts, Aviva, Koki, and Jimmy) figure out ways to either right wrongs or to get out of the strange (and always amusing) situations they find themselves in.